Patient Educational Materials

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Birth Control Choices Poster

Birth Control for Men- Spanish

Birth Control for Men

Condom Fact Sheet- Spanish

Condom Fact Sheet

Contraceptive Choices Fact Sheet- Spanish

Contraceptive Choices Fact Sheet

Copper IUD Fact Sheet- Spanish

Copper IUD Fact Sheet

Depo shot user guide- spanish

Depo shot user guide

Diaphragm fact sheet- spanish

Diaphragm fact sheet

Emergency contraception fact sheet- spanish

Emergency contraception fact sheet

Emergency Contraception Pill Fact Sheet- spanish

Emergency Contraception Pill Fact Sheet

Female Condom Fact Sheet- spanish

Female Condom Fact Sheet

How to switch birth control- spanish

How to switch birth control

HPV fact sheet

HPV vaccine for women

HPV vaccine parent info sheet

Implant aftercare instruction sheet- Spanish

Implant aftercare instruction sheet

IUD aftercare instruction sheet- spanish

IUD aftercare instruction sheet

IUD fact sheet- spanish

IUD fact sheet

Natural Family Planning Fact Sheet- spanish

Natural Family Planning Fact Sheet

Non-contraception uses of birth control products

Non-Prescription Birth Control Methods -spanish

Non-Prescription Birth Control Methods

Patch fact sheet- spanish

Patch fact sheet

Permanent Birth Control (sterilization)- spanish

Permanent Birth Control (sterilization)

pill user guide- spanish

Progestin IUD fact sheet- spanish

Progestin IUD fact sheet

Progestin only pill fact sheet- spanish

Progestin only pill fact sheet

Ring fact sheet- spanish

Ring fact sheet

Skipping Periods on Birth Control- spanish

Pill user guide

Pre-pregnancy Health- spanish

Pre-pregnancy Health

Progestin Implant Fact sheet- spanish

Progestin Implant Fact sheet

Skipping Periods on Birth Control

Spermicide fact sheet- spanish

Spermicide fact sheet

Vasectomy question and answer- spanish

Vasectomy question and answer